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Tep Vanny Returned to CC2 Prison as Two Activists Convicted

Published on August 22, 2016

This morning, Boeung Kak Lake activists Tep Vanny and Bov Sophea were convicted of ‘insulting a public official’ relating to a peaceful Black Monday protest last week and sentenced to six days’ imprisonment. Tep Vanny, facing pre-trial detention under charges of intentional violence which were brought last week relating to a 2013 protest, will be returned to Prey Sar’s CC2 prison. Bov Sophea should be released later today.

After just 18 minutes of deliberation, following a ninety-minute trial, the trial judge Pech Vicheator unexpectedly altered their charge to ‘insult of a public official’ (Criminal Code Article 502) – announcing the change during the delivery of his verdict – and sentenced Tep Vanny and Bov Sophea to the maximum six days’ imprisonment. After presenting a defense against the original incitement offences, lawyers were given no opportunity to defend against the altered insult charges, in a violation of the rights for adequate time and resources to prepare a defense.

On Friday, Tep Vanny was brought from provisional detention in CC2 prison to Phnom Penh Municipal Court for interview in relation to a protest outside Prime Minister Hun Sen’s house in 2013 and subsequently charged with intentional violence. The protest in question ended in one of the most violent crackdowns against the community, leaving five citizens injured, including some with broken bones.