Restrictions on the Freedom of Assembly in Cambodia 2006

Released in January 2007

In 2006, Cambodian authorities continued to restrict freedom of assembly. The ongoing clampdown is being conducted by arbitrarily objecting to demonstrations, violently dispersing many peaceful protests and arresting participants in legitimate assemblies. In denying the basic human right of freedom of assembly - enshrined in international treaties and Cambodian law - the State is trying to silence voices of protest and stop people organizing themselves to stand up for their rights.

This briefing paper is the third in a series of reports, published in 2004 and 2005, on restrictions of the right to freedom of assembly in Cambodia. It records some of the instances between 1 December, 2005, and 30 September, 2006, when peaceful assemblies were subjected to intimidation or violence by state forces or state authorities, as well as occasions where the Phnom Penh municipality objected to peaceful gatherings that were being planned.

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