Human Rights and Cambodia's Prisons: 2005-06 Report on Prison Conditions & Children in Prisons

This report aims to provide an intimate look at the real living conditions faced by Cambodian prisoners. By drawing from first hand accounts of prisoners and from the observations and reports of LICADHO prison researchers, this report is told in the first person using a fictional identity to protect anonymity. It provides supplementary statistical information for relevant issues.

It is hoped that this report will be used by government and prison officials, human rights advocates, researchers, media, aid donors and legal professionals as a tool to identify existing problems, improve prison conditions and promote prisoners' rights. This report builds on previous reports from the past 10 years, as well as considering new information gathered over the course of 2005 and the first ten months of 2006.

This report also highlight an urging problem that needs to be addressed: children in prisons, both prisoners and those living with their sentenced mothers.

Released in January 2007

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