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Boeung Kak Lake Black Monday Activists on Trial

Published on August 17, 2016

Two Boeung Kak Lake activists are currently being tried under incitement charges following their arrest on Monday evening during a peaceful demonstration in their community to mark the 15th week of the “Black Monday” campaign.

Tep Vanny and Bov Sophea, both long-time activists from Boueng Kak Lake community, spent two nights detained in Daun Penh police station after para-police broke up Monday evening’s peaceful event, held by the community to call for the release of five imprisoned human rights defenders and for justice for the recent murder of political analyst and Black Monday supporter Kem Ley. They were charged by prosecutor Keo Socheat with incitement under Article 495 of Cambodia’s Criminal Code this afternoon, after a day of interrogation at Phnom Penh’s Municipal Court, and immediately sent to trial.

The charges represent a major escalation in police response to peaceful Black Monday protests. Altogether, such protests have resulted in at least 36 arrests since they began in May. Today is the first time Black Monday protesters have been charged.

The trial has been postponed until 8am on Monday, Aug 22. The two activists have been sent to pre-trial detention in Prey Sar's CC2 prison until then.